Healthcare Holdings Group Inc.

Healthcare Holdings Group, Inc. (‘HCH’) is an existing Healthcare Technologies company currently offering distinct, yet complementary web-based product lines to the medical community and the average consumer.

Our mission is to bring useful, valuable, and easily adaptable technologies to the medical community—irrespective of specialty—in such a way as to address evolving needs and mandates involving practice-flow, billing, doctors and support staff, and patients and their families. Each product module and software suite we offer is tempered by budget and created with ease-of-use and implementation in mind.

Healthcare Holdings Group, Inc. offers extremely competitive pricing on our Meaningful Use Stage-1 compliant and certified product lines that serve as a unique selling advantage to even financially-challenged healthcare providers. Our core products are designed from the ground up to be extensible. They are vertically scalable across multiple specialties and horizontally scalable across a variety of practice and facility sizes. As the need for ‘upwards scalability’ has become more evident, the company has reacted responsively to market pressures and developed an internet-based EHR system that is rooted in the feedback and suggestions of hundreds of physicians from a variety of settings.



Healthcare Holdings Group, Inc.'s unique EHR, PHR, and Voice-Commanded "cloud-based" software solutions are created for small to mid-size practitioners and physicians groups. We bring clinical work-flow efficiency through our technology, balanced with common-sense implementation, and well-suited for your budget.

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Healthcare Holdings Group, Inc. is anchored by its leading Personal Health Records (PHR) division Access My A true Patient Portal, this product group serves Individuals, Families, Corporate Benefit Programs, Employee Wellness Programs, Unions, Teachers Associations, and is an HIE Compliance Component.

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As Healthcare Holdings Group, Inc. continues its growth, we carefully balance progressive business strategies, our unique product lines, and market 'pull' through the development and release of valuable and innovative technologies to the medical community.

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